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Nepal is the tourist’s heaven with its rich culture and a vast heritage, the small kingdom of Nepal is blessed with such astonishing and unique sites that it holds its significant position in naming itself as a best destination for a Unique World heritage tour. The culture of Nepal is a combination of tradition and novelty. A Tour to Nepal will enable you to get the glimpse of its beauty and lifestyle.

Nepal is a country with diverse topography, culture & ethnicity. Out of 14 world highest 8000m peaks in the world, Nepal has 8 peaks located inside its boundary which includes Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchangunja, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho-Oye, Mt. Dhulagairi, Mt. Mansalu & Mt. Annapurna. Ranging Topography from flat Terai region to the snow capped Himalayas the climate also varies with its altitude from Tropical to Alpine climate. With population of more than 25.8 million…

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Locarno : A day trip destination from Milan to Switzerland.( Centovalli express route)

Locarno, Switzerland We were on our holidays in Italy and had already explored the World's fashion Capital,Milan. The fashion streets , magnificent churches and the super gorgeous people had already taken our breaths quite a few times by the end of the week. We wanted a quieter getaway ,more into the wilderness, into the nature's... Continue Reading →

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