Author : Saritha Kumbakkara

Hey friends.I am Saritha Kumbakkara . I am the author,  photographer,editor and designer of my blog” the flying mascara” . My motto of blogging here is to inspire people , especially women to step out of their comfort zone and start exploring this amazing limitless world . Travelling helps us to undo our past experiences or redo it in a better and beautiful way which results in the flourishing of a balanced soul.Here, I will be giving the details of the journey and destinations in India as well as across the globe. I strongly believe that , if I can inspire one person to pack their bags and start travelling, I have successfully directed one soul towards the path of happiness and broader perceptions towards life.

Feel free to ask me anything regarding the destination and details of travel by posting it in the comment section under each post . You can even mail me at sarisunikumbakkara@gmail.com

Personal details 

I am a 38 year old Indian woman who hails from the beautiful coastal side of North Kerala. I had been teaching in different parts of the country in recent past and my educational qualifications are Bachelor of computer science, Masters in social welfare Administration, Bachelor of education and Post Graduate Diploma in Public relations and management.I am a Yoga alliance qualified teacher and I am very passionate about it.  I am currently residing in the city of temples, Jammu. I am permanently in love with my books and authors who inspire me are Paulo Coelho and Cecilia Ahern. Paulo Coelho’s books Aleph and Alchemist leaves you with no choice other than believing in the universal law of our magical life . The Alchemist makes you trust on the signs around you which are your guidelines for life .

I have been living and travelling across the Indian sub continent along with my family since past 19 years ranging from Andaman Nicobar Islands to the high Kargil. If I had traveled in the interiors of Assam,Arunachal Pradesh ,Nagaland and Himachal Pradesh, I had not missed out the chance to explore the central cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad too. I must say, my stay in Ootty was the most cherished memories among all.

Across the globe travels till date

My first international trip was to Singapore in 2009 with my better half. Then came the countries like Malaysia and Thailand. Bhutan was a peaceful country to visit where the country’s GRP is all about happiness. I had explored the European continent through countries like Italy,Switzerland,Austria and Czech Republic.Looking forward for more 🙂 .

 About the Blog :   I am enthusiastic about sharing my experiences,stories about people and places I come across and  helpful information for the aspiring travelers .I will be fortunate  if my blog can inspire at least one person towards the exciting and blissful world of travel.

Solo for soul 

I can speak to my soul only when the two of us are off exploring deserts or cities or mountains or roads. _ Paulo Coelho

My Blog’s motto is to inspire people to take short or long trips for the growth of themselves which travelling can offer. The indescribable feeling we get while solo travelling is broadening the horizons of our heart and mind; thus making us a better person .Family support and smart planning about house and work related issues can let the traveler be mentally free to open up to the amazing experiences which are awaiting them out in this wide,wild and wise world.One doesn’t need to travel to expensive destinations always ….even a short day trip can set your soul free.Let’s be practical here.. We have endless responsibilities in our day to day life.But those are blessed who have the courage and mindset to break the pattern of routine and include something in life which sets the soul free.For me, it’s travel ; whether its with my better half, family, friends or solo . I would say that travels make you grow as a tall sturdy tree ,not as a weed.

Even like minded group trips are so much fun.I wish every person understands this and steps out to this vast and exciting experiences their travels can bring to be a happier soul .

” The soul of this world is nourished by people’s happiness .”

I will also be sharing details of my solo trips in this blog. Feel free to contact me if you need to interact with me.All the content on this blog is copyrighted. If you want to use any pictures or text for any purpose, please get in touch with me at sarisunikumbakkara@gmail.com

I am open to work with any travel assignments from the interested brand associations, tourism departments and any exciting projects.You can contact me at sarisunikumbakkara@gmail.com


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