Locarno : A day trip destination from Milan to Switzerland.( Centovalli express route)

Locarno, Switzerland

We were on our holidays in Italy and had already explored the World’s fashion Capital,Milan. The fashion streets , magnificent churches and the super gorgeous people had already taken our breaths quite a few times by the end of the week. We wanted a quieter getaway ,more into the wilderness, into the nature’s lap which can soothe our minds after all the hustle bustle the city was offering us. That’s how we thought of a day trip from Milan to the neighboring country, Switzerland.Being in the northern part of Italy, It was convenient for us and our pockets to travel to Switzerland. 🙂
We were living in a place named Sesto Calande and the train station offered us tickets to a the train staion Domodosolla. From Domodosolla railway station, we got into the Centovalley express . Centovalley express offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Italian and swiz countrysides all throughout the journey. Centovalley express took us through 100 amazing valleys.The train was crisp and clean with temperature adjustments. Snacks and coffee was available in the train for extra charges. Views from the journey is given below .

We were crossing the Italian country side which held a modern structure. The architecture of every house or a building seemed similar . They
were more like symmetrical boxes with Wooden windows and slanting roofs.
The journey offered us two hours of complete panoramic display of the picturesque valleys , magnificent waterfalls, snow peak mountains and the world war bridges.The Alpine meadows and forests almost looked unreal to me as the vine yards and huge chestnut trees were a first time sight .This centovalli Rail service connects Lake Maggiore to the capital of Switzerland, Berne.
Photos given below are clicked around the lake and old town.

We got down at the Locarno train station and walked across to Lake Maggiore. The month was February and the weather was very cold , around 8 degrees. But the lake and the shore town was sunlit beautifully.Locarno is famous for its 2300 hours of sunshine a year.This lowest altitude swiz town ‘s main attractions are it’s mountain facing lake front and well-kept botanical garden. The first thing we did was to grab some chicken burgers from McDonald’s. Then we walked around the town catching a glimpse of the perfect Renaissance old town . I could see a group of father’s baby sitting while the mothers were using the time for their jog. Many Elderly couple were resting on the benches quietly , probably after their walks.Locarno is an Italian speaking Swiz town.
The main places of interest in Locarno are Archeological museum Visconteo castle, water park Lido Locarno, Falconeria Locarno ,,Piazza Grande,Parco Muralto,Chiesa Di San Francesco,Pinacoteca Casa Rusca and Madonna Del Sasso.All the tourist places were well-connected and its enjoyable if you could cycle around . When we returned, our hearts had absorbed a small bit of the beautiful sunshine the lake had offered us in the morning . ☺️

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  1. we r celebrating our 50th anniversary. do u think we could do this trip. we went to italy 35 years ago. we r 70 and 77 years old, retired working class hope u reply
    madhuri bhalla


    1. Of course you can. First of all, you will need adequate appropriate clothing which suits the weather. I would suggest to get the medical check ups done as well because of the long sitting hours in the flight.From Milan , you have good connecting trains which will take you smoothly to your destination.


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